Mahoning Township Police Department
Chief of Police Bob Sipe
 Brian Magliocca Sergeant
Brian came to Mahoning township in the summer of 2010, he is a life long resident of the area and has spent the previous 2 1/2 years with Shenango Township and New Castle Boro.  © copyright 2020 
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Police Chief Sipe had the pleasure of presenting two awards in our Township Meeting. SGT Magliocca and Supervisor Gary Pezzuolo were commended for their life saving actions on November 27, 2018 when both took heroic action in rescuing a woman from an overturned vehicle in a body of water.
We’re extremely proud to say these individuals work and love our community.

4538 West State Street
Hillsville, Pennsylvania 16132

(724) 667-9658
Robert Sipe, Chief
Josh Sipe Corporal