Mahoning Township Meeting Minutes
Jean Greco, Mahoning Township Secretary
                Mahoning Township                 Board of Township Supervisors
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                                  Vito Yeropoli                                                          Jean Greco – Secretary
                                  Mark A. Sackin                                                            Jean Greco – Treasurer
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The Mahoning Township Supervisors met for their monthly meeting at the Mahoning Township Municipal Building which was held on Tuesday, September 10, 2019 at 6:00 p.m. Chairman, Vito Yeropoli asked everyone present to stand for the pledge of allegiance to the flag.

ROLL CALL was taken by Jean Greco, Secretary/Treasurer. Members present were Mark Sackin, Gary Pezzuolo, and Vito Yeropoli. Township Solicitor Lou Perrotta, and Township Engineer Gregg Delprincipe were also present.

Yeropoli asked for any guest speakers.  

Resident Virginia Phillips asked to speak and noted she may need more than the 3 minutes of allotted time. She spoke of serving on the Board of the Bessemer Library which is raising funds for a new or bigger building. Ms. Phillips noted the various communities served by this library and that each has shown support. However, when Mahoning Township supervisors were approached it was noted that funds were not available. To provide representation from Mahoning Township, Chairman Yeropoli personally donated funds in order to help strengthen a grant application being submitted by the library.

Resident Paula Prentice reported that she along with township resident/neighbor Laurie Monteleone have been communicating with residents to survey preferences to what may be desired for garbage removal and recycling programs. Ms. Prentice noted that she only recently learned that free recycling was available to all township residents while free garbage dumping using dumpsters at the township and/or Edinburg fire station is available only to disabled and retired residents.
Ms. Prentice noted she had invited Jerry Zona from the county recycling program to answer questions this evening on potential options for Mahoning township residents; but he was not present. Yeropoli noted that he has already been working on a free garbage removal plan with BFI/Republic Services. This opportunity is in negotiations because of the leachate from the sewer plant.
Ms. Prentice again noted that something must have come up or Mr. Zona would be present. Mr. Perrotta noted that Mr. Zona had come to the meeting and he was asked to leave since he was not on the meeting agenda. Mr. Perrotta advised Ms. Prentice the Chairman sets the agenda. supervisors ask for agenda items. The Secretary/Treasurer asks for agenda items. A resident does not just ask someone to show up to present at a meeting without discussing it with the supervisors, it is their meeting.
Ms. Prentice noted she asked at on earlier meeting if someone could come in to provide a presentation on recycling. Solicitor Perrotta asked Yeropoli if Ms. Prentice asked to have Mr. Zona come to a meeting tonight, Yeropoli responded “no”. Solicitor Perrotta asked Pezzuolo if Ms. Prentice asked to have Mr. Zona come to a meeting, Pezzuolo responded “no”. Solicitor Perrotta asked Sackin if Ms. Prentice asked to have Mr. Zona come to a meeting, Sackin responded “no”. Solicitor Perrotta asked Greco if Ms. Prentice asked to have Mr. Zona come to a meeting, Greco responded “no”. Ms. Prentice further denied she did anything wrong by asking Mr. Zona to come to the meeting without speaking to the supervisors.
Ms. Prentice stated she thinks the residents of Mahoning Township should pay an affordable price for garbage. Yeropoli asked Ms. Prentice what she thought was an affordable plrice. Ms. Prentice thought $20 - $30 a month was a good price. Mr. Yeropoli again shared he is working on a deal for free garbage for the entire township.
Ms. Prentice requested the signs at the dumpsters and recycling bins at the township be removed as the signs are misleading that all residents can recycle. Ms. Prentice noted clarification is needed that recycling is free for residents; and that other garbage can be placed in the dumpsters by those who are retired and disabled.
Yeropoli boldly noted he does not care who uses the dumpsters; and additional dumpsters would be placed at the township building very soon to better facilitate the amount of trash and recycling for all residents.

With no further guests wanting to comment, Yeropoli made a motion to ADOPT THE MINUTES of the August 13, 2019 regular monthly meeting minutes. The motion was seconded by Sackin with a vote of all in favor. 

Yeropoli made a motion to PAY THE BILLS as prepared by Greco since the last month’s meeting. The motion was seconded by Pezzuolo with a vote of all in favor.

Yeropoli made a motion to PAY THE PAYROLLS as prepared by Greco since the last month’s meeting. The motion was seconded by Sackin with a vote of all in favor.

CORRESPONDENCES – Yeropoli asked Greco for correspondences. Greco shared a Thank You note from a resident who shared appreciation and a $100 donation to the township for the road department providing help to her.

TOWNSHIP REPORTS were given as follows:

ZONING by Greco – building permits were issued as follows: 1 addition and 1 storage shed. Greco also noted that all procedures were completed for a zoning variance for resident Samantha Frezetich whose proposed addition was closer than permitted to her side property line. Yeropoli made a MOTION to follow the approval of the Township Zoning Committee to approve this variance. The motion was seconded by Sackin and a vote was all in favor.

PLANNING – Greco and Yeropoli noted nothing to be reported.

FIRE DEPARTMENT – a report was given by Chief Francis “Poncho” Exposito who noted for the month of August 88 men responded to calls for 308 hours along with 421 miles driven.

POLICE DEPARTMENT – a report was given by Chief Robert Sipe who reported for the month of August 102 incidents were handled by the police department.

Chief Sipe swore in new hire part time officer Antonio Miller. Officer Miller was hired because part time officers Brian Magliocca and Armande Perrotta accepted positions in other local departments which decreased their time available to assist Chief Sipe in covering the scheduled shifts of the police department. Chief Sipe noted Officer Miller is also employed by Union Township and is licensed to perform DOT inspections.

Pezzuolo took this time to also recognize lifesaving efforts by Poncho and Officer Laine Baker. Both gentlemen responded to a 911 call which resulted in the life of a township resident, Geno Milone, being saved by the efforts of these 2 men.

Yeropoli asked for discussion for any UNFINISHED BUSINESS. Perrotta noted that prior to moving on to new business he wanted to share with Prentice several binders of documentation on Act 537 which were brought into the offices by staff of RAR Engineering. Prentice had requested this documentation in a Right to Know request; however, these binders were not present during her review. Resident Lou Ciavarella wanted to know who pays for the time and copies it would take to provide copies of this type of documentation. Perrotta shared that the Right to Know Officer is not compensation for time; however, the requestor does pay $0.25 per page for duplicating.

NEW BUSINESS – Sackin noted the Road Department would be doing paving on Baird Road near Hillsville Road next week. Yeropoli further shared for 2020 budget plans for paving materials that the majority of the funds would be used “across the river”. Yeropoli noted paving plans include parts of Hillsville, Baird, and Matthews Roads. Yeropoli made a MOTION which was seconded by Sackin and the vote was all in favor.

Yeropoli made a MOTION to hire Officer Antonio Miller. The motion was seconded by Yeropoli with a vote of all in favor. 

Yeropoli asked for any further questions from the public. Prentice again noted clarification for township residents with regards to recycling and use of dumpsters. Prentice also asked for the Treasurer’s report of income and expenses. Perrotta noted that could be given to her once Greco redacted the necessary information.

Resident Ed Klamer noted in reference to the life saving efforts for an apparent heart issue that in general carry aspirin can prove to be life saving as it was for him many years ago.

Yeropoli asked for any further concerns. There being none, Yeropoli noted the next meeting would take place as scheduled on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 at 6:00 p.m.

Yeropoli made a motion to ADJOURN which was seconded by Sackin with a vote of all in favor.

Respectfully Submitted,

Jean M. Greco, Secretary